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Some fantastic book reviews by Daniel & Thomas!

Daniel, Year 8

Tom Gates – Super Good Skills – (Almost….) by Liz Pichon

I really liked this book because it made me laugh and I thought that is was not fair that Delia got to bring a friend and Tom did not. The villa looked really shabby and grotty inside and outside. I thought it was really funny when Tom and his parents tried to look for the clubhouse and they could not find it. then they found out that they were so close when they went looking for it. It must have been really embarrassing for Tom when they went shopping for more pants for Tom. It was a shame they only had one night in the new nice villa. 

Daniel, Year 8

Tom Gates – Extra Special Treats (…. Not) by Liz Pichon

I really liked this book because it made me laugh and I thought that it was funny that Marcus had to stay with Tom for a few hours. I thought that it was really nasty of Marcus to draw stupid pictures of Tom on his blackboard. I think it was a shame that Tom did not have more than one day off school because of the snow. I thought it was a bit nasty of Delia to yell at Tom when her phone got broken. It was a close shave when Tom’s mum had Tom’s chocolate handprint on her new dress. I feel sorry for the restaurant owners that they had to pay for the dress to be cleaned when really the stain had been done by Tom.

Thomas, Year 8

How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero by Cressida Cowell

I liked this resource because this is a good selection of ideas within it to collect little bits of information to add to my own writing. I have always liked her books of dragons and amazing adventures. The characters have always made me laugh from book one to book two and so on and so on. I am sure you would feel the same. I have nearly read all the books just not this one and the one before. I very much recommend to all those fantasy lovers and those who love ADVENTURES!



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