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Introducing the activities and successes of the students at Blessed Edward Oldcorne, Worcester


Mrs Bromyard set the new Year 7s a challenge – to write an acrostic poem, based on Blessed Edwards.

Here are some of the fantastic entries:

1) ‘Busy’ by Baden Parsons

'Busy' by Baden Parsons

2) ‘Bewildered’

'Bewildered' 1

'Bewildered' 2

3) ‘Brilliant’ by Kelley Lippitt

'Brilliant' by Kelley Lippitt

4) ‘Blessed’s’ by Sina Dale  

This one can be read by clicking on Blessed’s

5) ‘Better’ by Jack Wood

untitled26) ‘Beginnings’ by Melvena Mathew


7) Blessed, by Christian Carter 

This one can be read by clicking on Blessed





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